Daniel Falabella

Founder, Crowdfunding Weekend
Provo, UT, United States

About Daniel


As a young teenager, I was offered $15 by my dad with the condition to double it in a month. Since then, I have started three different companies in Latin America and have developed an interest in finding valuable opportunities, overcoming business inefficiencies, and helping third-world countries.


English, French, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Entrepreneurship & Business, Innovation, Design

An idea worth spreading

Why make and sell if you can sell and then make?

I'm passionate about

Accelerating innovation

Talk to me about

Design, breakthrough innovations, cool widgets, and sustainable social impact--among others.

People don't know I'm good at

Selling dogs

My TED story

Started three companies in Guatemala. Came to the US. Learned English in two months. Studied Business Strategy. Joined an big 4 accounting firm. Decided to follow my passion... Now, hoping that my passion brings in cash.

Favorite talks