rasta2q Mario Hinestroza

Dosquebradas, Colombia

About rasta2q


I ' am a colombian that thinks that every day bring us a new opportunity, give us a new chance. A entrepreneur that believes in saving the world with his actions, ideas and strength.


English, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

CAD, Renewable and Alternative Energy electrical design and controls, Renewable and Alternative Energy, Publicity & Marketing, publicidad y creatividad

An idea worth spreading

Our hearts have the answers but our minds will not let us ask the questions. We've to improve our comunication with others for raise a better life.

I'm passionate about

know to my self to serve others

Talk to me about

personal change,
new ways of doing the same things,
help others better,
save the planet,

People don't know I'm good at

i'm a rastafari that have a lot of experience in renewable energy investigation. Can do products with CAD software, and improve all the manufacturing process.

My TED story

My story, with TED is simple, stared in march 11 this year with Dani Torregrosa and now my brother made at 19 April the tedx via della conciliazione, theme "religious freedom today". I hope some day make by my own way in Colombia.