Aditya Dey

Assistant System Engineer, Cognizant Technlogy Solutions
Kolkata , West Bengal, India

About Aditya


Aditya Dey is the founder of the popular blog named 'Latest Current Affairs Questions'. He is a computer engineer by profession and a part time blogger too. He formed this site on December 2011 to produce all the latest current affairs related information, and he is doing this work till now.

Aditya Dey has completed his engineering from West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT). He loves to write stories, poems etc. He loves to write articles on various latest topics. Some of the articles have been published in various magazines and top level article directory websites like Ezine Articles, Article Base etc.

Aditya Dey is also the admin of popular Facebook page named Latest Current Affairs Questions. He helps the common people of India to crack various competitive exams especially the all important Government Jobs by providing relevant current affairs information to them via his blog and Facebook page. He basically helps the common mass to Stay Updated always.


Bengali, English, Hindi

Areas of Expertise

Blogging, writing - creative, Website building

I'm passionate about

writing and blogging. I love to stay updated with all the latest news, current affairs and social issues.



People don't know I'm good at

writing, playing jokes, giving advices etc. I'm also good at English, math, Gk and reasoning.

Comments & conversations

Aditya Dey
Posted about 2 years ago
Ken Robinson: How to escape education's death valley
Quite inspiring indeed...Loved the way sir has presented it with supreme intellectuality.....Actually I think the drop out rate is reducing with the help of some initiative of the governments, and some local/global franchises....They are helping to make the young students aware of the value of education, and its need.....Though I agree that Education must be freely chosen.
Aditya Dey
Posted about 2 years ago
What kind of movies do you like to watch?
I like to watch those kind of movies which have a good story line, a social message, a few witty dialogues, no melo-drama etc..personally I love the work of Christopher Nolan in films like Inception, Prestige, Insomnia and Memento...I love to watch movies that forced me to use my brain and activate my thought process..but when I am in light hearted mood I watch comedy and hard core action movies
Aditya Dey
Posted about 2 years ago
Does Technology destroy our relationship with Nature?
I don't think that Technology is destroying our relationship with the mighty nature, as we all know that 'Technology' is an invention of the mankind only. Everything that excess in life eventually become poisonous itself...Same thing is applicable for the technology too...