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Bertha Washington
Posted over 1 year ago
TED Talks Education: The PBS special
I love the show. I sent the web address to the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction. I hope it is a beginning of a conversation with the parents and teachers. I believe in the old adage; If you give a hungry man a fish, he will eat today. If you teach him how to fish, he will eat forever. If you teach and inspire a child to think, he will learn all he needs to know and pass the standardized test. It may not be at the same rate as other people and at the same time, but he will learn. The classroom needs to be a safe place to learn and make mistakes. Most people learn more from their mistakes than from accidental successes. The story of the naming of 409 all-purpose cleaner cans be an inspiration to the children that have a hard time getting things correct on the first try. They want to give up. However, it took 408 failures to achieve success on the 409th time. The cleaner continues to sell. Teachers and children must be encouraged and inspired to think and make mistakes in the teaching and learning process. Education should open the world to the next generation. We must change what we are doing in education.