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Lua Wells
Posted about 1 year ago
TED Talks Education: The PBS special
I was disappointed that almost everything said on the show last night was old news. Yes, it' s certainly true that kids need mentors and a safe haven, and it's true that passion & perseverance (grit) are keys to effective learning - but we already knew that, didn't we? And we've been trying to reform education for decades using these ideas, but we haven't had great success overall. Where are the new & revolutionary ideas we need? Some revolutionary ideas are found in Peter Gray's new book called Free to Learn - look at the info about Sudbury Valley School and the great success they have there - with no required classes, no curriculum, no grades, no homework, no tests. Instead, the school is a place of freedom where the students and their innate curiosity are given free reign. The school has staff members that are there to help, and resources of all kinds which the kids can use, and there are democratic rules that everyone has a say in, but the kids themselves figure out what they want to learn and when they.want to learn it. And it works! Those kids go on to colleges and successful careers and happy lives - they figure out what their own passions are, and follow them. Studies have been done about the kids, and books have been written - it's pretty fascinating, really. Salman Khan also has a lot of revolutionary ideas in his book. I believe that we've been talking about reforming schools for far too long. It's time to talk about reinventing them!