Joshua Rudolph

About Joshua


Brand+Identity Consultant with 20+ years experience working with companies, NPOs and individuals to help successfully shape and share their stories, products and services. Areas of expertise include: Nomenclature, Semiotics, Innovation, Message Management, Creative Direction, Film+Events, Pitches & Presentations, Storytelling, Group Work, and Coaching.

An idea worth spreading

If your life isn't chocker with contradictions then you're simply not growing.

I'm passionate about

love, life, change, creativity, food, culture, THE Dallas Cowboys... Helping people shape and share their stories.

Talk to me about

Inspiration, passion, creativity in the home, workplace, learning and beyond and The power of storytelling.

People don't know I'm good at

montage, singing and cooking

My TED story

I was introduced to TED a few years back thru the very moving story of Dr Jill Bolte-Taylor and became an instant addict. I plan to attend a TED conference this year.

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