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Jersten Tubalado
Posted about 2 years ago
What kind of movies do you like to watch?
I love films that linger, the kind that you watch and your left in silence -mentally digesting. I mean that in a powerful impactful way. Films like Samsara, Grave of the FireFlies or this one Time Travel Documentary with Steve Hawking those are the types that had given me that experience. When theres too much thinking in my life, I like to watch Romdramadies (Romantic Drama Comedies), a lot of Korean comedy films follow this route. You just get to experience a full range of emotions; they're cathartic to watch. Then when I'm done with all those emotions I love action movies but action/scifi movies are my ultimate favorite. I watch them like sport games, something about buhdassery and space physically moves me. I hate musicals especially if the actors can't really sing. This would have not been the case a couple years back but my roommate in college was a voice performance major and ruined all of those for me. Also, Not crazy about horror movies that are filled with cheap thrills. Actually I really hate those and zombie movies because for some reason they give me nightmares about zombies. Haha hope this helps. Excited to see you speak tomorrow, Ricardo!