Bruce Arterbury

Founding Director, iCUE 501.(c)3 hosting fundraisers & fieldtrips
Colorado Springs, CO, United States

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Pool Hall in the mall.

Have your fundraiser or bring your family to iCue � the smart place for family fun. We have 8 Valley pool tables with wall graphics referring to the billiards skills and the underlying math (break cloths are 30 60 90 triangles). A projection TV showing on the wall is playing instructional billiard DVD's, party movies, or the live web cam feed from above the pool table named Alpha!

The music is always Chapel Hills Mall- appropriate, groups may choose to bring an approved CDs or iPod play lists (maybe an acoustic guitar and keyboard) to play during their visit. A group may book iCUE for an open pool out reach to anyone walking by!

iCUE does not serve food or drink due to all the choices in the food court. When you bring in your own food and drink, if you pack it pack it out.

We are currently working out a co-marketing plan with Chick-fil-A.

Order five or more Domino's pizzas for $8 each. Have them delivered to iCUE and 10% of your pizza order and up to 20% of your admission fee will go to a charity of your choice!� Yes, iCUE will donate 20% of admission cost up to 32 people and 100% beyond that.

Week day admission is $5.00 per hour each until Friday at 5:00 p.m., Then moves up to the weekend rate of $10.00 per hour for each person. Our goal is to reward parent/child child teams playing partners. So, you and one child get in for one admission! Have you tried scotch doubles? The leisure sport of Billiards lends itself most easily to being on the same side as your child!

Bruce Arterbury
founding director of iCUE 501.(c)3
iCUE faces Foot Locker in the lower level of the Dillard's wing of Chapel Hills Mall suite 707.
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Areas of Expertise

Pool, CCNA

An idea worth spreading

Use the high performance kite materials to build a windscreen around a road bicycle. I saw the whale flipper design by nature. This windscreen could be worn like a poncho + helmet, quickly connected to front and rear forks. Bike to work for the next 6 months.

I'm passionate about

Using pool to make math, algebra, geometry, trig., & physics fun!

Talk to me about

A wind-generater mounted on the end of a 18 wheeler make enough electricity for enough electrolysis (of water) mounted in the air cleaner of the 18 wheeler double the mileage? stainless steel parts

People don't know I'm good at

Spelling/writing! lol I just ask my wife. We laugh at my spelling/writing and her math.

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Bruce Arterbury
Posted almost 3 years ago
Where could I start implementing this edible landscape idea in my town?
May I suggest leading by example, your home or talk to your landlord? After showing your commitment by starting at home, then help spread the idea by public face book post and twitter. I am going to spread this idea to the owner of a landscape company I know, and I will post to a former PTA mom that is now on the school board. You may know more people then you think. -Bruce
Bruce Arterbury
Posted over 3 years ago
Location! New Nuclear power plants can be located on military bases.
The newest reactor designs are far more safe than in the past, and the bases are by far the most protected from terrorist attacks. Not transporting the weapons grade fuel or the spent fuel around our nation is a blessing too. May I suggest for example there are 2 military bases in Utah. Dugway is an absolutely massive testing ground for some of the most harmful chemical weapons.
Bruce Arterbury
Posted about 4 years ago
What dreams do you have for the world?
I dream of the return of the "Prince of Peace." Heaven on earth. I dearm of a one road town from San Diego to El Paso, Tx. And a San Antonio, Tx type river walk from El Paso, Tx to Brownsville Tx. I dream of building a world class seaport in the Salton Sea and a canal to connect it to the Gulf of Califorina.
Bruce Arterbury
Posted over 4 years ago
Do you think government of countries having nuclear installation have to revisit their nuclear installation safety plan immediately ?
Future U.S. Nuclear Power Plants Support for locating them on U.S. Military bases/reservation. Money = DoD owned and operated Nuclear Power Plants gets an income stream from selling power to the grid, therefore a little less tax dollars. Security = A little harder for terrorist groups to target on base site, than locating Nuclear Power Plants anywhere else. Democratic Party makes “good” on their promises to Nuclear Power Plant PAC. LOL Only the PAC’s don’t get to make any money off them!
Bruce Arterbury
Posted over 4 years ago
Magnus Larsson: Turning dunes into architecture
Thank you for posting, I am reading replies looking for using Magnus Larsson's idea for making a canal instead of a dune wall. I'm thinking "Gulf of California" to the "Salton Sea" east of San Diego. Creating a port city around the deepest part of the "Salton Sea" may be good for these economic times.