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Kokomo, IN, United States

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Benita Tyler enjoys being a life coach; she began influencing her peers and built a circle of influence while still in middle school. Her motivational spirit is utilized to edify the lives of everyone around her. Some people are born with an innate charismatic disposition, and she is one of them. Benita Tyler has fifty years of experience in the subject matter of life’s hard knocks. She has endured the storms of life and has rescued fallen angels along her life’s journey. Her life lessons exposed her to some dishearten experiences that can transcend and transform a culture through her positive teachings. Her educational accolades include an Associate’s Degree in Management, a Bachelors of Science Degree in Management, and a Graduate Certificate in Human Resources. Her education and life lessons have provided her with a prolific blessing; and she loves to inspire other through her writings. Benita Tyler resides in Kokomo, Indiana with her husband and children.

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Emotion l disfuction

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Inspiration is unlocked when we open our hearts and free our minds.

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Inspiring and Edifying Others.

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Motivating Others, Creative Writing, Agent for Change, Mentoring, and Working with Children

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So what if I'm 50 plus you maybe wondering -Who is this young girl? A “beloved” child of God left alone in the world abandoned by the men who were supposed to love me the most. Throughout the chapters of my life I faced demons many of them plagued me mentally and emotionally. I became part of the walking wounded stuck in life, I found myself addicted to dysfunction my addiction nearly destroyed me however, God never left my side He sustained me throughout my life’s journey. The five life lessons I learned set me free to become the confident beloved daffodil God intended me to be. Addicted to Dysfunction: Released to Live Life Out Loud the book I wrote that allows reader to take an inconspicuous analysis of their own life’s dysfunction though an honest reflection of my sufferings and the lessons that I erudite from them. My life struggles have allowed me to be used by GOD to edify others through my continuous authorship and inspirational speaking.

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Benita Tyler
Posted over 1 year ago
Open thread: Having grit means living life like a marathon, not a sprint. Share your story of grit, and how it made a difference.
I learned early in life that GOD gifted me with a very special dispensation for children. I began babysitting at the age of thirteen and was always a trusted sitter who was requested. My mother told me that I would have a household full of kids she was right! I raised a blended family with (6) children which by most account was a true test to my calling. To God be the glory I was able to raise well rounded children. I became a child advocate for the state of Indiana which further propelled me into my calling. I well children and look forward to edifying their lives.