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Gillian Pearce
Posted about 2 years ago
What is something you do that makes you genuinely happy?
There are so many things that make me happy that I could spend hours answering your question. The fact there are so many things is one of them in it's own right. I suffered from clinical depression for years, on and off, and to now be at a place in my life where I am happier than I've ever been it' s a great source of happiness to me. An activity that makes me really happy is rummaging around charity shops and boot fairs looking for things I can use to make art or do crafty things with. This is a relatively new love and something I've only been doing for a year or so there's not been much time to make it a "job". I am, however, toying with the idea of putting some packs together for fellow creatives to use and seeing if I can sell them. I love this new found "hobby" since I know nothing about art which leaves me free to play without having a whole load of judgmental dialogue going on in my head! Being naturally analytical this is a huge change for me.