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Norrkoeping, Sweden

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I'm one of them teachers trying to spark my students interests by embracing the science, the concepts of today and fuelling their creativity.
I work as a maths/science teacher but I'm trying to get outside the tiny boxes of the subjects to create an understanding that everything is connected and that knowledge that is separated from everything else is quite useless in our modern era.


English, Swedish

An idea worth spreading

It's not the facts that we teach that lasts, but the values.

I'm passionate about

Education and the factors that make us learn, and wanting to learn more. I'm also fascinated by how language is learned and I'm eager about teaching and learning more of them.

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Education and teaching

My TED story

I have loved TED for a long time. I watch every week to find ways to lift me upwards and to question truths.

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Stephanie Green
Posted 12 months ago
Daniel H. Cohen: For argument’s sake
Such a brilliant idea to see one self lose an argument before it happens. It's simple but I imagine it's very hard to do in real life. But I will carry the idea with me. Working as a teacher means seeing and having to solve lots of arguments and this might be a great way to improve the outcome of those disputes.