Sean Bennett

New York, NY, United States

About Sean


Sean Bennett, known to his friends as just "Bennett" grew up in a trailer park as a part of a single parent household. Now Harrison Ford and Mo Rocca are his neighbors. He has a maid, assistants and a personal trainer for nearly free. He flies first class, obtains daily upgrades and move/Broadway show premiers monthly. Sean can help any one have it all. Why work hard when you can work smart? Bennett teaches his proven plan for finding great deals that will help you feel and live rich regardless of income.

An idea worth spreading

My name is Sean Bennett, and I am an expert at living well on a small budget. I will teach everyone, regardless of age or income, that they can have it all. In our current economic times, people need the answers to live well without fear of debt or extreme sacrifice. I personally went from poverty to Prada.“The Secret,” has taught to dream big from the inside out. It may be hard to feel success if you are in a life of debt and poverty. I have nine proven steps to change your life. I have created the ultimate handbook to help people obtain all of life’s perks.I will share all of the secrets I have learned of how to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous - even with an annual income as low as $25,000 per year. My formula has even proven to be recession proof. Get ready to change your life today!

I'm passionate about

I love a great deal and taking the starving out of being an artist. I enjoy new challenges, people, cultures, travel, spirituality and my ability to share ideas and experience personal evolutions.

Talk to me about

Being a dva or divo on a dime. I am the king of deals.

People don't know I'm good at

Being a Reality Star. See the attached link for an example: