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Kota Rajasthan, India

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Maths, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Physics - Cosmology, Physics

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I am Passionate about Nature.I am Curious guy thinking about the working of our Universe and the Ultimate beauty hidden beneath the Fabric of the Cosmos.

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Talk to me about everything ....And because i wana be a Physicist you can expect some sort of Amazing and beautiful replies to your words.

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Akshay Varma
Posted about 2 years ago
Does Technology destroy our relationship with Nature?
I think that our relationship with nature is ofcourse being degraded in a way but that reflects how we view the nature and how we relate it to humans.For example The invention of Electricity had been one of the greatest beauty of nature which was revealed by scientist all around the world 100s of years before.They considered nature to be the ultimate stuff govering the entire universe.This discovery proves in a way to respect the wonder of Nature and therefore places Nature in top most priority for those men.But if we look through a mindset of an unknown guy who is simply there to take advantage and use of this electricity for the sake of fulfilling his desire or to make money then in reality he may actually praise nature but in practical sense he may never seem to notice its beauty but to consume its richness is all he wants.So at a conclusive note i think that nature doesnt care whether it is praised or ignored by humans but wat is important is that one day or the other Nature will surely make that person praise and feel blessed by nature..And you nvr know if tht too is a law of Nature :)