Lisa Van Ahn

Minneapolis, MN, United States

About Lisa


Lisa is the creator of the I AM Initiative; a self-defense through self-empowerment seminar for pre/mid teen girls. The purpose of the seminar is to empower girls and demonstrate the necessity of self-love in relationship to self-defense. The class teaches the the "rules" of self-defense, that include loving yourself, trusting your instincts, the negative impact of bullying, and creating positive change in the world all through dynamic movement and engagement.

Lisa Van Ahn is a professional boxer and kick boxer. She found her way to the sport after years of believing she was unworthy and living this out in her life experience. Once she began kickboxing, her self-esteem soared and she was able to heal the wounds that were inflicted in her younger years. She started her fighting career in 1996, and quickly rose to the top of her sport with a regional Championship title and moved on to fighting professionally winning a national Kickboxing title in 2000.

After winning her kickboxing title Lisa found fights difficult to procure and decided to take on the world of boxing. She boxed professionally in Las Vegas from 2001-2004 and fought on many prestigious cards and arenas including the Arco Arena SAC, and the Philips Arena, ATL. She also appeared on ESPN Friday night fights.
In 2005 Lisa retired from the boxing arena and moved back to Minneapolis, MN, her hometown to open her own fitness and empowerment company and further develop her self-defense program.

Lisa is passionate about teaching girls the principles she didn't have the opportunity to learn until later in life. It is her deepest desire to give these young women the tools to be strong, in middle school and high school, so that they may be able to overcome the obstacles they encounter confidently, throughout their life.


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Areas of Expertise

Fitness & Training, Empowering girls, educating girls, Nutrition - Whole Food, Fat Loss

An idea worth spreading

When I was young I was bullied and teased. My mentors, teachers, and even my parents said to me..."It doesn't matter what they say, it only matters what you think". However, no one ever asked me what I thought. I didn't think highly of myself so I had no understanding of how to improve on what I was hearing daily; that I didn't matter and I was worthless. I believe that in order to offer positive impact to young girls we must teach them HOW to think of themselves and the power that lies in the words "I AM". If you don't believe you are worthy and valuable nothing can come from your life. You must KNOW that you matter in order to make a difference. I teach girls why they matter, what they can offer the world, and how they can make a difference that will be positive change to everyone around them.

I'm passionate about

Empowering girls to recognize their worth and value. Offering them actionable steps to live their best life and offer positive change to the world. It begins with them realizing their inherent worth.

Talk to me about

Empowering girls. Being positive change. Offering inspiration and encouragement to the masses. There is never too much support and high fives to be passed around. Everyone benefits from them.

People don't know I'm good at

Sharing. I love promoting the things I find that move and inspire me.