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Burlington, VT, United States

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I am a renaissance man from Northern Vermont. Art, Music, Martial Arts, and Technology are my main area's of expertise.

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Computer Techinal Support, Studio Engineering, Music, Music Technology, Song Writer, Martial Arts - Kempo Jujitsu Eskrima, Cooking (Multiple styles), Roleplaying, Brainstorming

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Music, Technology, Art, Nature, Gardening, Anything under the sun!

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Daniel Harmon
Posted about 1 year ago
Does living in harmony with nature make you grow as a person?
This is an intriguing topic. Where I am from (Vermont, USA), there is a diverse mix of people in the very rural areas. There are people that do what their parents taught them which is: work hard, be a christian, rinse and repeat. Others like my wife's parents, move to rural areas to go 'back to the woods' there are mildly reclusive artists, that are always trying to do good for themselves or others. They have found spiritual growth being deep in the woods and a new appreciation for the little things. It is an inspiring way to live, but in the United States there are a lot of obstacles that prevent people from doing that. People want to develop their minds, so they go to college, even though they can't afford it, and come out with crippling debt, a bad job, and no health care. So they end up, sick, poor, and discontented. Citizens of the United States have forgotten how to truly protest for change.