Graham Morehead

IT Manager / Scientist, University of Maine
Orono, ME, United States

About Graham


My TEDx Talk:

Manager | Scientist (Linguistics, Complexity, & Computer Science) | Four years project management | 21 years of technology development | Traveler & Polyglot

Master's Degree, Computer Science
University of Maine, Orono, ME, expected August 2013

Graduate coursework, Cognitive Science, Machine Learning
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, 2004, 2006

Bachelor of Arts, Physics
Boston University, Boston, MA, May 1995

Exchange program, Physics
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, 1992-1994

Perl, Python, AMX, C++, Java, Pascal, Ada, Lisp, R, Javascript, PHP, SQL, LaTeX Linux, Unix, Windows, MacOS, Palm, RIM, AMX, Android

Data Mining, Machine Learning, Grid Computing, Mobile Apps, Multi-Agent systems

Speech Recognition, Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence

Control Systems, Video Conferencing, A/V equipment, Network Admin, PBX, Firewalls, Virtualization

Modeling fine scale urchin and kelp dynamics: Implications for management of the Maine sea urchin fishery Teresa R. Johnson, James A. Wilson, Caitlin Cleaver, Graham
Morehead, Robert Vadas; Fisheries Research 141 (2013) 107-117

Costly information and the evolution of self-organization in a small, complex econ- omy James Wilson, J. Hill, M. Kersula, C.L. Wilson, L. Whitsel, L. Yan, J. Acheson, Y. Chen, C. Cleaver, C. Congdon, A. Hayden, P. Hayes, T. Johnson, G. Morehead, R. Ste- neck, R. Turner, R. Vadas, C.J. Wilson; Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization (2013)

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Utility Patent Granted
"Peltier-assistedliquid-cooledcomputerenclosure(Link)",UnitedStates7,817,423, Issued October 19, 2010, Describes a liquid cooled computer enclosure enabling a plurality of overclocked computational components in a small space.

IT Manager : R. H. Foster Energy LLC, Hampden, ME
September 2012 - Present

Curator : The Pangeon
2013 - Present

Technical Advisor : SIZESEEKER (Now, New York, NY
July 2012 - December 2012

Research Assistant : University of Maine School of Marine Sciences, Orono, ME
June 2010 - July 2012

Teaching Assistant September : University of Maine School of Computing, Orono, ME
2009 - May 2010

Software Developer : Trefoil, Orono, ME
October 2008 - January 2009

Research Engineer : Nuance, Burlington, MA
October 2003 - October 2008

Co-Founder & Vice President, Research & Development : SuperWings Inc., Topsfield, MA
July 1999 - July 2002

Information Model Engineer : Software Emancipation Technology
August 1998 - July 1999

Phoneticist : Applied Language Technologies, Cambridge, MA
February 1997 - August 1998

Research Assistant : Mass General Hospital NMR Center, Charlestown Navy Yard, MA
part-time 1998

Multinational Channel Support : PictureTel Corporation, Danvers, MA
September 1995 - June 1996

Research Assistant : Boston University, Physics Department, Boston, MA
summers 1992, 1993

Spent six years overseas: U.K., Spain, Canada, India, France, South Africa, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Ghana, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Palestine (West Bank), Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Oman, Mexico, Syria, Portugal.
Various levels of familiarity with: Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Mandarin.

North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad


English, French, German, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Computer Science, Software R&D, Machine Learning, Computational Linguistics, Project Management

An idea worth spreading

Good voice recognition required the combined efforts of thousands, and it took decades to develop. Computer-generated translation is an ever harder problem, but we are getting there much more quickly. More difficult yet is the challenge of computer-based flexible thought and inference. Despite the inherent difficulty, we already have the tools to plant the seeds of just such an intelligence. A very specific set of challenges (too many to list here) can be addressed by a specific set of tools. This project won't take decades, but it will require the combined efforts of millions.

I'm passionate about

Connecting people through language technology.

Talk to me about

I have been to twenty-something countries and met many people. I love what humanity is becoming. I studied physics, languages, and computer science. I am trying to live a beautiful life.

People don't know I'm good at

Devising solutions to incredibly hard problems -- usually big problems. Most of my solutions require many people and many years.

My TED story

Around 2006 I saw my first TED video (Jeff Han and his touchscreen). After that I watched every TED video I had time for. I feel so inspired by the likes of Hans Rosling, Steven Pinker, Stuart Brand, Elon Musk and Jill Bolte. These people made me feel that the world is full of intelligent optimists. People who think deeply about the world and our future. People who are not bound by convention, but aren't just trying to make a name for themselves either. I feel that TED is my tribe. I blogged about it a while back: . Our local TEDxDirigo holds tryouts once a year. I've tried out twice so far!

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