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Dave Wilson
Posted 12 months ago
Is our democratic system out-dated and in dire need of reform to fit the 21st century?
Governments are really comprised of laws and the people who make them. Issues arise with the selection of those people. - The system of having the more knowledgeable represent the interest of the people actually does work. The problem is that governments don't have really knowledgeable people in those positions. - However, law is an all encompassing field so what you really need is a braintrust of (ethical and moral) specialists and non-specialists that have enough combined knowledge and experience to make a single worthy representative. - Then there is the issue of, how does an unknowledgeable person decide who is actually knowledgeable enough to represent them? (catch 22!) These has been true since the very beginning. Now, let's look at the reality. 1) With few exceptions, it's the large political parties that decide the few choices we have. And the candidates the choose are only need to be personable, have a vague knowledge of current affairs and not say something stupid. 2) Now that you have your choices people select who to vote for by one of the follow: -- arbitrary/blindly/anyone but the last guy -- vote the "party line" -- trust a friend's choice -- a very narrow selection of issues -- get as much info as possible to make an informed decision. It's unfortunate but very rarely are people really informed. 3) That's pretty much the same way bills are voted on but a "friend" is corporation which gives money to your re-election campaign and expects you to vote the way they want you to. I think a large part of this is because so many bills are submitted that there is not enough time and consideration (or even read the bill!) put into making a conclusion, so the path of least resistance/consequence is taken. i think that perhaps the braintrust as a representative is a better system but each representative would have to be voted for individually and i think having the results weighted by occupational relevance would help in choosing the right person.