Marcelo Melo

Corporative director, cyrela brazil realty
Sã£O Paulo, Brazil

About Marcelo



Brazilian Iara Street, 123/apartment 61 - Itaim Bibi
Married / no children São Paulo / SP
37 years old Contact: (+55 11) 96407-0944
marcelo.melo @

Graduated in civil engineering, he has been operating for 14 years in civil construction companies. He has always coordinated challenging tasks in which were demanded creativity, resilience and formation of high performance teams. He has already participated in four business` startups of the sector.
Management of different types of works such as industrial, commercial, residential, high, medium and low workmanship pattern.
Operates in the areas of production, management, incorporation and business .
He has the objective of positioning himself in the market as a distinguished and necessary professional.


March/2011 - Current - Cyrela Brazil Realty SA
Large Company in São Paulo City
Function - Corporate Director

* Responsible for restructuring the economy segment of Cyrela (Living) with concrete results after one year of operation.
* Responsible for engineering and Real State all over Brazil.
* Structuring, standardization and implementation of a new construction company management model.
* Follow-up - land purchase, incorporation and business
* Management focused on cost and productivity

* Main achievements:

"Today “Living” represents 40% of the volume of Cyrela, thanks to the strong structuring and strengthening of engineering that today contains defined indicators, processes, tight integration with the areas of land, commercial and incorporation. A year ago, the volume was half of the current and the uncertainties were big. It was a great achievement in a year's work "

May/2006 - February/2011 - MRV Engenharia e Participações SA
Large Company in Minas Gerais State
Function - Executive Manager / Regional Director

* Project management and strategic planning.
* Responsible for operations of the construction company in the southern region of the country (3 states, 7 cities, 35 works, 2,500 employees), reporting to vice president of the company.
* Staff: A manager, three coordinators and 20 engineers.
* Focus on the balance among cost, schedule, and product final quality;
* Supervision of the regional branch
* We increased the participation of the regional branch significantly over the past three years. At the same time, we have implemented processes to improve products and reduce time of construction.

Main achievements:

"In 2006, the regional south branch was the least meaningful of the company. Starting from it becomes the third most important in terms of profitability and the most promising, second only to the headquarters in Belo Horizonte and São Paulo. The staff formed at the regional passes its “know-how” to the others and other partners. "

May/2004 to May / 2006 - AP Engenharia e Arquitetura
Small company, founded in 2004.
Position – Operational director

* Feasibility study of projects, market research, real estate business creation;
* Coordination of the commercial department and real estate development
* Implementation of ISO 9001 certification and H-PBQP

Main achievements:

"In two years of operation, we have become the main reference in the construction sector of Betim, getting in this time the ISO 9001 certification, PBQP H-A level, besides receiving the award for Betim Highlight Construction of the year 2005 by CREA / MG. "

January 1998 to April/2004 - Tríade Engenharia
Medium company
Position - Technical and Commercial director

* Feasibility study of projects;
* Project management, study and application of new building technologies;
* Major realized works:

- Shopping Betim
- Epa and Apoio Supermarkets, and Sindi Logística
- Toshiba in Brazil
- Origem Clinic
- Dom Cabral Foundation Campus (partnership with Método Engenharia / SP)