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Livingston, NJ, United States

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By eliminating one of our 5 senses does that enhance the others. For example if I were listening to music, but I couldn't hear it that well even on full volume would closing my eyes allow me to hear the music better, by enhancing the sense of hearing, or would simply closing my eyes be enough to focus so much on the music that I would simply be able to hear the music better?

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Brett Bernstein
Posted 11 months ago
What is your definition of success?
I believe success is the feeling a person gets when they accomplish something they were striving for. Success could be felt form something as minuscule as winning a recreational soccer game to something so amazing as a noble prize. One person can't necessarily define success because success can be based off the standards you give yourself therefor by the goals you set for yourself you should be able to define your own success.