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Lynn White
Posted over 1 year ago
Playing pretend and make believe: do children still do it?
It's an interesting question you pose here, Case, and is something I was just thinking about the other day. With all this technology kids seem to use their imagination much less. They also seem to get bored more easily. Why is this? Perhaps they are becoming too used to a busy world with technology to keep them occupied. I wonder what future technology may bring. When I was growing up I spend a lot of time playing outside, and it saddens me somewhat to see my sister whiling away hours on my Dad's iPhone. But it's a different world out there now. I guess where children live has a bearing on how much time they spend using their imagination or spending time outdoors. Children living in rural areas might have less activities to keep them occupied and so might be more inclined to play pretend. Overall, I think children do still use their imaginations and play pretend, but they just don't have to do it as much in this day and age.