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More than 80% of the world population talks. Less than remaining do. If we can decrease the number of population who talks and sum that up into those who do. We win.

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Learning, reading, knowing, world, nature.

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Mairaj Pirada
Posted about 1 year ago
Education is not about school, is the passion for knowledge.
Yes. I definitely agree with what you just said. I've just gave my last year exams at school, coming soon college. Here in Pakistan, I'd like to tell you how we (middle class) ordinary citizens take education as; children are sent to school so that they, in the future, are not called as illiterate. Not for learning. High school certificate is more important here than that of the books which are firmly squeezed with information that nobody can demean. Want the clear in school or college exams; bribe invigilator (they call it co-operation) a buck, you're done.