Jeff Banman

CEO/ Founder, Human Elements, Inc.
San Diego, CA, United States

About Jeff


I am the founder of Human Elements, a company designed to go beyond the standard practices delivering innovative methods for improvement in the areas of human performance and resiliency. Current trends focus on acquisition of knowledge and skills while ignoring measurable performance and providing a path for developing personal and organizational resiliency program. Programs emphasize the latest tactic or technique instead of creating the ability to confidently perform under stress or when exposed to extended periods of stress. This leaves a gap in what can be expected from standardized training programs. Human Elements expands the two traditional aspects of training and consulting to create a third with our applied behavioral training model.

By leveraging a high-class group of experts across multiple fields of practice and study, HEi delivers a unique opportunity to improve programs in an environment where time and money are significant factors. We combine technologies and offerings that directly impact the outcomes and the bottom line. Our programs enable an organization to apply a more effective and efficient process in selection/assessment, training and resiliency in every situation.

Specialties: Human Performance, Personal & Organizational Resiliency, Selection & Assessment Programs, Disruptive Technologies, Integrated Operational Platforms, Training, Situational Awareness, Cognitive Sciences, Stress Management, Detailed Analysis & Human Performance Factors.

An idea worth spreading

Developing a mindset that is both actionable and sustainable is absolutely necessary to be ready to face the challenges life brings and create the core capability of being resilient.

I'm passionate about

Human performance, behavior in high-stress environments and personal resiliency.