About Rob


Rob DeMillo has stood at the forefront of leading edge technology development throughout his career and was recently recognized by EContent magazine as among the industry’s Top 15 Digital Media Influencers.

An acknowledged technology thought leader with expertise in digital media, digital advertising, mobile, business intelligence and e-commerce market spaces, Rob offers a powerful blend of expert level technology understanding at both the engineering and architectural levels, along with marketplace and positioning savvy on the business side. He enjoys respect in industry circles and among his executive suite peers, as well as credibility with engineering, data warehouse, and media professionals.

o As EVP & Chief Technology Officer, provided strong leadership in internet, media, mobile, wireless, advertising, business intelligence, enterprise and computer graphics spaces.

o As startup veteran and co-founder of two companies—drew up business plans, raised capital, built teams, and devised pioneering product concepts.

o As VP of Product Development, built and led world-class organizations that conceived, designed, and developed market dominating products.

A Personal Note:

As a Technology Thought Leader, I have a unique ability to understand, at an in-depth level, both the technologies surrounding a business case as well as the business itself. Superiors and colleagues have told me that I am one of a handful of technologists who “get” sales, business development, and partner relationships and yet still maintains an in-depth technical expertise.


German, Italian

Areas of Expertise

Start up, Data Analysis & Visualization, Mobile Advertising, Mobile & Wireless, Media - all kinds, video distribution, Digital Advertising, Entrepeneur, Science - physics, Science - cosmology

An idea worth spreading

The world around us is alive with interactions and connections - everything from human connections to our relationship to the weather can be thought of as an intricate series of mappable connections and influences. As our ability to add technological sensors to these environments increase, we begin to understand these relationships more, and our ability to view and understand our relationship to our place in the world - or in the universe - becomes clearer. The question at hand is when do these analysis cross the line between information for the greater good and an invasion of privacy?

I'm passionate about

My background in both science and technology have given me an immense interest and curiosity in using technology to engage, inform and connect people with the universe around them.

Talk to me about

The use of data collection, analysis and visualization to inuit connections between ecosystems.

People don't know I'm good at

I started life as a scientist, spent my early career years actively involved in both the planetary science programs as well as FAA based meteorologic detection systems. Oh, and I make a mean nigroni.