About Deepak


Cursed for being born in interesting times and living 3-5 years into the future.

TED Conference

TEDActive 2014

Areas of Expertise

3D printing, Innovation

An idea worth spreading

Familiarize children with cutting edge technologies, so that they will grow up thinking of solutions with less boundaries than we did... Along with that they need to start empathizing with computers and devices, since they will become more and more like beings. This empathy will create a new working relation between man and machine in the next 10-15 years.

I'm passionate about

Effect of new technologies and thoughts on existing masses and how to facilitate the acceptance of new thoughts.

Talk to me about

At the age of 12 my Dad gave up on this new computer and dumped a Mac128 and Imagewriter in my room... Since then I have looked at computers as facilitators for expansive thinking.

My TED story

Started watching TED talks from circa 2007. The first talk I watched online was Patti Maes' talk on Sixth Sense tech and that got me browsing the TED.com website for more interesting talks. Attended my first TEDx conference in Brussels in 2009, then 2010 and TEDxFlanders in 2011. To make sure the next generation of Deeeep's would stay interested I enrolled my son Ritik for the TEDxKids@Brussels and he got the bug... currently his first 3d creation (glasses with his name) are printed and exhibited at the Museum for Contemporary Arts in Antwerp by Materialise.

Favorite talks