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Eric Smith
Posted about 2 years ago
Is diet and exercise a huge oversimplification of obesity? Do we need an unprejudiced reconsideration?
Yes, Philip, religating the cause - and solution - to obesity to diet and exercise is an over simplification. Breakthrough work has been accomplished, and continues to provide new answers, in an unlikely place: reality television! The Biggest Looser has challenged, changed, and refined the way obesity is being treated and cured today. It is amazing! The "contestants" run the gamut from life-long beriatrics in their 20's, to previous athletes now obese, to yes: plenty of mothers and grandmothers who didn't put on weight until having children. And each has their unique treatment plan but each includes a similar diet and exercise regimen. The previous references to the animal kingdom are appropriate, as function-limiting obesity isn't tolerated in the wild. A person MUST FIGHT with an animal intensity for their life, if they are to beat this disorder. But the fact that humans can get away with carying twice their ideal weight is both a BLESSING and a CURSE. It means we live with choice. Make healthy weight a life or death fight to obtain, or rather spend your time working on something that MEANS MORE! It shouldn't be for society to judge that person's focus. But we should all be honest enough to know ourselves, and allow each other to have a unique focus. To say we don't have all the answers is true, but more accurate is we don't like the answers we have.