Chris Nylund

Middle Georgia State College
Macon, GA, United States

About Chris

Areas of Expertise

Education , Museum education , Librarianship, Archives, Music composer / performer , Music History

An idea worth spreading

Using Libraries as instruments of social change by implementing information literacy and technology education sessions as a means to bridge the digital divide.

I'm passionate about

Music, Music preservation and history, books, education, information literacy, and bridging the digital divide.

Talk to me about

TEDxMacon. Outdated Copyright law and how it is destroying important historical recordings. Local movements. Non-corporate music/bookstores. Public education. Community sustained agriculture.

My TED story

I found TED while searching for innovative ideas for my classroom. As an educator of Millennial students, I have come to appreciate and understand that the students of today need to consistently be introduced to fresh new ideas. By this same token, I need to be (and remain) inspired if I hope to motivate my students to learn and TEDtalks often provide this much-needed spark. After moving to the Middle Georgia area in 2005, I quickly realized that this same spark needed to be present not only in my classroom, but in the community as a whole. One of the main goals of the first TEDxMacon (which I helped organize) was to bring the community together to share ideas and introduce like-minded community activists to each other. As ridiculous as it sounds for a community as small as ours, many of these individuals had never met each other before and the simple act of getting some of them under the same roof at the same time was an important step in the right direction.

Favorite talks