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Wellington, New Zealand, New Zealand

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I have always wanted to be a person of influence. This started with studying performing arts and then film and television. I have now completed a four year conjoint bachelor of arts/bachelor of teacher early childhood degree and cannot wait to begin to impact children, parents, wider whānau (family) and communities, our nation of Aotearoa, New Zealand and maybe the world as well. At present I'm settling down and passionately commit to a fulltime teaching position. As my experience grows I will look at beginning postgraduate study on the road to completing a PHD that hopefully is significant for the early childhood sectors around the globe. I have a long term goal of becoming a teacher of teachers at a University in New Zealand. Through this journey I will always have an enthusiasm to learn, network, help people and will take every opportunity to incorporate my media and performing arts skills into my teaching and further exciting enterprisers.

An idea worth spreading

I have a dream of starting Early Childhood Research Centre, that is fully functioning centre along with being a community hub. It will explore teaching philosophies around the globe as an open source, on-going project in enhancing the quality of early childhood teaching. It will not be exclusively attached to any University and have an open door policy to work with all researchers and will not have a focus of competition but collaboration. The centre will incorporate high quality video recording which will not be hidden like surveillance camera's, but open an accessible, to children, parents, and researchers. The Centre will pay teachers the highest salaries of any teachers around the globe and will be free for families to send their children too. The key to solving problems with society around the world is bringing people together in a transparent, loving environments. Doing this with families as their children grow as part of communities is the very place to start and invest in.

I'm passionate about

I'm passionate about passion, not enough people are passionate about something in the world. I'm also passionate about bringing people together and where better to start than as excellent ECE teacher

Talk to me about

Talk to me about how excellent early childhood teaching can change the world, one little community at a time. Talk me about fighting the global education reform movement, talk to be about passion!

People don't know I'm good at

I play freestyle piano that some people can't stand and others love. Can't read music I just jam. I have a pretty good eye for getting great video shots also.

My TED story

My TED story is just beginning, I would love to talk to like minded people about the education of children and how this can solve and even prevent many of the worlds problems and challenges.

Comments & conversations

Brent Amer
Posted about 1 year ago
Bill Gates: Teachers need real feedback
beware beware, this is a wolf in sheep's clothing, hmmmm, how do to the rich keep getting richer and the rest of us struggle along or get even poorer. Well there are two major sphere's of influence in the world, one being media and the other is education. Now we know that the majority of news/print media around the globe is controlled by only few people. Therefore they have us we'll trapped into a materialistic mind set were we must keep consuming to feel good about ourselves etc, etc which makes them and those associated with them keep rolling it in. Now education is under serious attack, ever wonder why certain big wigs (Gates included) are pushing for standardization and one size fits all education. It's not about quality, it's about control, it about keeping education going how they like it, like a factory production line because that's all they know, because there not teachers. And now lets put camera's in the classroom to help teachers gain feed back, hmmmm great idea up front, but what is hidden behind this. Education system around the globe are under attack from the GERM - Global Education Reform Movement, I encourage you all to fight this, or do we want the next generation of children and even teachers (yes the GERM is well into infecting Universities/colleges as well) to be lapdogs of corporate greed. I know what your thinking - this is all a bit conspiracy theory like, well that is exactly what I thought until I got involved with the teacher union in my country and it all began to be frighteningly clear how real this is, it only takes little bit digging people, Napoleon Bonaparte said - the key to revolution is not cannons and muskets but education. Corporate America knows this very well and they are busy grasping and maintaining control and a lot of the world unfortunately seems to follow the US.
Brent Amer
Posted over 1 year ago
What can we do to change education?
Hi Hunter I think passion breeds passion, I think we can all remember at least one teacher that had a positive impact on us, even those of us that haven't seen a classroom in many years. I think students could get together with teachers and suss out ways of making the classroom more vibrant which in turn could give student more motivation and passion. There is always going to be some kind of grading system so the powers at be have some kind of data, to do something with, but what really matters as you say, are your fellow school mates reaching their potential? No A or F can really show this, you might be sick on the day of your test or whatever, I challenge you to get a bunch of your friends together and brainstorm idea's about making the classroom somewhere you want to be, is this possible?, I guess not for everyone but I challenge anyway. The other key things is support, do your fellow students feel supported, if not tell your Principle, if they don't listen tell your Mayor, if they don't listen tell the Governor. Awesome to see a young man interested in potential of his fellow students, keep it up!! Aroha Brent
Brent Amer
Posted over 1 year ago
Should students have the right to participate in developing school curriculum?
Education is a great balancing act, routines give young children a sense of well-being and belonging, but if it is just routine, routine, routine then as we all probably know the eventual outcome is children fighting against a system of routines, instead of engaging in their education and/or learning. In New Zealand the early childhood curriculum is very much about getting the children involved in their own education but when they get to primary school these doors begin to close pretty fast, what messages are being sent to these children i ask? Giving children choice doesn't have to be at the expense of basic education like reading, writing and mathematics's. I believe excellent, motivated, valued and supported teachers should have the skills to give children a great deal of choice in the classroom and then incorporate basic education into these choices. For example - Using the playstation game guitar hero to learn about creating a rock band which Incorporated learning how to manage their tour costs (maths), about how to write songs (writing), how to get inspiration for songs (reading) etc etc. This project (which wasn't my idea) gave students a great deal of choice and they even got to play playstation in class (shock horror). Thanks and have great day