Cecilia Torres

Spanish Teacher
Montevideo, Uruguay

About Cecilia


Spanish teacher in Satate High Schools (2007-present). Spanish as a foreign language teacher (2009-present). IB examiner for the HL Spanish as a foreign language exam (2013). Freelance English - Spanish, French - Spanish translator (currently studying to become a Certified translator in both languages). Spanish and English proofreader. At present, I work as a Spanish teacher in State high schools, and volunteer as a proofreader to correct the Uruguayan Teachers' Union Magazine (FENAPES), published three times a year.


English, French, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

education, Linguistics

I'm passionate about

Learning foreign languages, travelling abroad and getting to know and understand other cultures. Throughout my career as a teacher, I have developped a huge interest in linguistics.

My TED story

Willing to practise subtitling from Engish and French to Spanish.