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Atika Rahardjo
Posted over 1 year ago
Will it be good to create a mobile app or service where we can link different parties involved in charity i.e. donating part and needy party
Hi! I have the same idea too! I'm actually into charity, but I realise there's a lack of platform for me to evaluate the different charitable organizations out there, other than charity navigator. However, I find the charity navigator website not to the point in terms of the layout of its content. Furthermore, charity navigator is limited to american organizations. My hope is that we have a website where charitable organizations and social entrepreneurs post their projects and users get to view them and donate accordingly. It'll also have information on how to manage your finances if you are into charity and educate the site users about world issues so that they can make informed decisions. I think the drawback would be in terms of how to help donors make informed decisions. It's a bit hard to give rankings to the different projects. The other problem is how to market the website to attract both organizations and donors (but I suppose this is the easier problem to solve).