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James has a Bachelor of Economics and has studied a wide range of areas of health including nutrition, exercise physiology and natural products. He has been working in the natural products industry for sixteen years and is a born entrepreneur, starting his first company while still at University, trading kava out of Vanuatu to Australia, the US and Europe. Since then he has set up a global supply network with operations in Australia, Vanuatu, Pakistan, France and Peru. This network includes organic and sustainable farming, industry and value adding manufacturing operations, clinical research and development of health products and distribution of natural health products across ten countries.

James has a comprehensive knowledge of each area of the Global Natural Products Industry from seed to shelf. He regularly consults for other international companies on sourcing, designing and distributing natural product as well as lecturing, writing and interviewing on holistic health.

He was involved in the privatization of the kava market in Vanuatu, which up until 1997 was a prescribed commodity. From 1998-2002 his company was the largest exporter of kava with exports in excess of 300 tons. The kava market experienced a significant downswing in 2002 due to health issues around kava which were later proved false however during this time they diversified into Tamanu Oil and other natural products from Vanuatu. James was also instrumental in establishing the St. John’s Wort industry in Australia in 1998, working with the departments of Agriculture and Development securing orders for over 300 tons in their first year. From 1999 to the present he has been the CEO of Natural Health International. NHI is dedicated to Leading, in every sense, through its vision, intention and actions as a Conscious Company, Empowering people with the knowledge and tools needed to support their optimal health.

What we do: NHI designs, manufactures and distributes market leading, clinically proven natural products that are bridging the gap between supplements and pharmaceuticals. NHI is also diversifying into functional foods, other health related products and health technologies that address, assess, educate and empower people about their health.

How we do it: By controlling every step from seed to shelf, our vertically integrated global supply operations combine: Environment - dynamic, sustainable and organic farming practices in Vanuatu, Peru, France and Australia, with Social - value adding manufacturing joint ventures in these countries create industry, year round employment, better working conditions and injects 5-10 times the capital into the local community. This results in novel manufacturing processes that concentrate the full spectrum of active ingredients versus just one or two and maximize the bioavailability without chemicals. Health - culminating in clinically proven nutraceuticals that offer more effective, comprehensive and safer alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs for conditions that to date have not been addressed optimally. Our distribution model is a multi-brand multi-channel strategy supported by a multi-media education and empowerment program, focused on creating community and providing people with all the tools and knowledge needed to support optimal holistic health.



TED Conference

TEDActive 2014

Areas of Expertise

Health, Natural and Complementary Alternative Medicine, Natural & Organic Products, Health Education and Promotion, Meditation, Consciousness and health

An idea worth spreading

The Awakes Foundation is a health creation, education and empowerment non-profit that implements programs and provides information, protocols and action plans on wellness and health conditions from an integrative and holistic perspective, for the general public, from a board of the leading experts in each field of holistic health and integrative medicine. Awakes for Health Professionals is an advanced education, research and integrative health professional promoting non-profit established to introduce a nationally recognized residency and CME further education program providing tiered specialization accreditation in specific areas of health from an holistic integrative perspective as well as to conduct clinical research in areas of integrative holistic health deemed non economically viable, specifically around nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and environment. Combined with an industry promoting and clinic support program.

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Creating Awakes and the Awakes Foundation - two non profits focused on changing the world through health, consciousness and education.

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Changing health and education. Empowering people and expanding consciousness.

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