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Don't decide a path for future! Design your Own path of future!!

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Science,Technology, Change the world,Space. I love a lot to think and learn.

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Talk to me about Just anything. I love think, learn. So if u ask anything I will think . Otherwise I learn from you :)

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Avinash Ravi
Posted almost 2 years ago
By helping public services officers improve their performane, can we empower them against systemic corruption? Please share evidence, ideas.
Well said sir! your words are 100% true in India. Here in India Practical life means not to be Honest. This is the lesson taught by everyone when teenagers or a person going to face the world. and the solution for this is very simple. don't think about the elder generations.think about the current and emerging generations.they are the india's of tomorrow.WE should be the role model to our future generation
Avinash Ravi
Posted over 2 years ago
Smartphone Hive Mind Traffic Application
Cool idea!!!! I will give you a suggestion. It also want to help in Emergency situations.... You can also add an feature that the App will automatically dial emergency number in case of Accidents and other critical situations :)