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Adam James Brighton
Posted about 1 year ago
Will mind-reading eventually become a reality and what are the implications for humanity?
something I often think about is how we are all different ,make different and unique associations and how our thought processes are not all the same The differences ,facts like these and facts they are - are deliberately played down so we can be categorised and labeled and treated as a crowd ,- feel unified ,gain a sense of belonging etc Mind reading machines whilst being able to interpret the physical impulses to body parts- wouldn't be able to read much more complex patterns and thoughts without being tailor made and then are very unlikely to be mass produced No matter how many government experts jump out of the woodwork trying desperately to convince you that voice readers ,lie detectors and all the other devices they have can read thoughts ,I personally think not.. It just benefits the system to make you think so. If our thoughts could be backed up on some sort of storage device We would no longer be human So i think itd be very detrimental not at all beneficial to humanity basically making them androids