Mahan Vaz

Medical Physics graduation student, UNESP - Instituto de Bioci
Botucatu - Sp, Brazil

About Mahan

Areas of Expertise

Medical Physics, Signal Processing

An idea worth spreading

I think people should care more about theirselves and about things that really are concerning, also living each day by itself, others than just looking for fast and efemerous happiness. Money doesn't buy evertyhing, and I think having nice moments are much more worthy than losing those moments to earn money. It may sounds like a cliche, but that's my way of living: Trying to know everything I can. Everyday, one new thing. Just that.

I'm passionate about

Arts, adquiring more knowledge, reading, meeting new people, specially those who have things to pass on.


Unesp Botucatu

Talk to me about

Music, arts, philosophy, good books, physics, mathematics, biology, astronomy, general interest. I'm interested in learning almost anything.

People don't know I'm good at

writing poems. I think.

Favorite talks

Comments & conversations

Mahan Vaz
Posted about 1 year ago
Is it possible to learn how to learn, and if so, how?
I sincerely think it is possible to learn how to learn. But also, I think this is very specific for each other, depending on the issue the subject is trying to learn and the experience of the subject with the issue. Associating things, for me, works perfectly. But this my way of learning. Other people think differently from me. So, I think it's some sort of self knowledge that's behind learning how to learn and, also, that it works specifically for each person. And I think everyone can learn everything, even if, for some, it is more difficult. Nothing is impossible to learn( it includes learning how to learn hehe)
Mahan Vaz
Posted about 1 year ago
"Even a broken clock is right twice a day. " Is it really right?
I assume that we are used to see things with our own eyes. So it's easy to say " this clock is broken. Need a new one". Then, assuming that, in fact, it is right and we are totally wrong, everything changes. Of course, I'm talking in a relativistic way. People takes things according to their own perception of the world. For this not to be a crazy chaos, we create some standards, which are the way things should be, and, from that, we can say things are right or wrong. But,usually, it is only a matter of differents points of view.