John Dixon

Farmer, Sweetgrass Farm
Rosseau, Canada

About John



Areas of Expertise

Soil enhancement, hugelkultur,, medicinal mushrooms, Shamanism and Plant Medicine, sustainable communities

An idea worth spreading

we are loosing our soil through erosion and desertification and neglect and misuse whatever we are loosing soil and we now have to start to reverse this process or it will be the downfall of our species. So where ever you are from or what ever you do in your life you must help to make soil for your childrens sake and for yours too butthey will not survive if this process of loss continues whereas you might. I love this world but I don't like some of the beings that are on it because they refuse to wake up and see what they are doing to make the problem even worse. Nature can do fine without humans but humans can't live without nature. We are all responsible to replenish the soil you could study Mycelium and how you can enhance any earth you want with it if you look into soil you will see how to enhance it and all will benifit.

I'm passionate about

Trying to get a farm school started here in Muskoka to enhance the survivability of our district in the event of some sort of disaster and living in harmony with nature.