Martin William Stappen

Adviser on educational programs and interagency cooperation, Bonner Institut fuer Migrationsforschung und Interkulturelles Lernen
Bonn, Germany

About Martin William


English, French, German, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Political Science, Intercultural Communication, Political Communications, Comparative Religion

An idea worth spreading

We are able to change and (therfore very resposible for) our ways of self-organizing. This means we should first strive to make most of human-induced suffering unnecessary and then abolish it.

I'm passionate about

Human beings, especially human rights, human dignity and human future. Also human communication in all its forms including "politics", "religion", "art" and "science".


Jena/Thur, Bonn

Talk to me about

the borders between religious and political communication, the science of aesthetics and senses, the future of us humans, the simplicity of games.