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Comedian, Entertainment & Arts
San Francisco, CA, United States

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English, Italian, Spanish

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Improvisation Comedy, Stand-up Comedy & Comedy Writing, Gymnastics, Circus Skills, sketch comedy

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Shar Shahani
Posted about 2 years ago
Are you living before you die? Are you living off your passion?
I chose to respond to this because I am 22 and fortunately I have very recently found myself answering these questions, as well-- I am just so happy that I am taking on these better views of life now as opposed to a long time down the road, or I die never having realized any of it-- which many around us will do. I will preface my answers with a brief layout of me: I just graduated university with a degree in theatre performance, plan on fulfilling my life's desires on doing comedy, entertainment and television, but NOT with the hopes of before that many have of striking rich and having tons of fame with that definite power. I realized that comedy is who I am, fortunately I was gifted with talent in many aspects that make a good comedian, and now I plan on doing it because it would make me happy every single day of my life-- bringing joy and laughter into the lives of those around me. The money and "success" will come as it does, and I will take whatever comes my way (and if a lot comes back, I will put a lot of it back in ways that I see fit) 1- Do you believe that you have a purpose in life? Personally, yes, but that is because comedy was something I was meant to do since birth. 2- If so, what is your purpose? To entertain. (As well as educate.) Both of major importance. 3- What are 2 things that you regret? None really....Not spending enough time with my family. (That's all I got.) 4- What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail? Comedy. Which I am excited to do knowing that I could surely fail-- but that's saying there is a definition of "failure." 5-What are some of the things holding you back in life? Having enough hours in the day to exercise daily, cook/eat healthily, work a job that pays the bills while I am working for free until my comedy career becomes sustainable. 6-What is your definition of success? Being in a place that you can feasibly sustain your life (perhaps with someone else and a family) while enjoying 99% of what you do every day