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saeid abolfazli
Posted over 1 year ago
Sergey Brin: Why Google Glass?
I have been always doubtful and suspicious about Google Glass functionality since what are being recorded and shown to the public are too much cool and out of the box. Today after watching this presentation, I am more confident that this paradigm with not turn into reality soon. If could, at least we could have seen a short live demo by him. Processing and interpreting human speech and making all those stuff being shown in Google Glass videos are too much computing-intensive tasks that are beyond the power of a 8-core smartphone's processor. And yet battery problem exist. So how can one imagine that this is going to be practical and doable for such a tiny device. The wireless technology is not also so profound that can realize the idea of using computation resource of cloud computing. Anyway, the idea behind this glass is excellent, but the foundations for this technology does not yet exist. So Google will keep working on it and at the same time other specialists work on the other crucial aspects of mobile computing technology to make it happen. Keep it up and lets see what is next.