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Alberto Talavera
Posted about 2 years ago
What lessons can we learn from history that we can use to create a grass root movement to "reclaim the Republic"?
@ Pat, I listened to the first part of the link you attached. I am curious about where in the evolution of democracy the US is: do you believe that 1) the US Democracy is evolving into a purer form, 2) the US Democracy is in "political decay," or 3) the US Democracy has already been lost? I grew up in Mexico where the government was an oppressor, a bully. Democracy was an act/ a mirage. I envied US citizens because they had a government that worked for them. However, in the 2 + decades that I have lived in the US, I have noticed that the US is moving more and more towards an oppressive government that does not answer to anyone but to the people with money and influence. For instance, we have seen the bailout, the Patriot Act, and tons of laws written by lobbyist that go against the best interest of the public. Has the US system been always like that? Are we experiencing the best form of democracy this country has seen? If we lose our democracy, will it take centuries to get it back?