About Matt


The interesting thing about writing my own biography is that I can choose which aspects to write about. I can leave out my time spent in jail and on house arrest because my my premature enjoyment of alcohol, or I can include that part of my life because it made me...me. The point of including it or not including it would be merely for the me that is perceived by the world, and that is difficult to pre-interpret. Some people may say that gives me more credibility and some may say that it entirely depreciates everything I say, think, and do. I could also gloat about my fundraising triumphs in college leading our team of students to over three million dollars in gifts towards BGSU. I could talk about my time as a farmer's hand at my family farm, or my time as an app developer in Los Angeles. I couldn't really talk about my time during preschool in Japan because I don't know about it, I would merely be retelling stories that I've heard and manipulated over time. I could talk about writing (by hand) a book about using Jesus Christ as a middleman to achieve life fulfillment, only to throw it into a fire without sharing its written word. However, unlike Rachel Dawes' advice to Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins, I do not believe it is what we do that defines us, rather who we are on the inside. Who I am on the inside derives from the way I was raised and the way my parents were raised, which happen to be two seemingly different child raising methods on the outside, where on the inside it is aligned. I am in the older tier of a family where I have three brothers and two sisters ranging from 26 to 12. When I was growing up, I wasn't shyed away from talking to strangers, I was shown love through waving to passerby drivers on the street, or stopping to pick up trashcans that have blown into the road on a windy day. Love and sharing are two truths I hold very dearly to my heart. I know that there are possessions that exist, but I believe that the world is in ownership of everything on it, not the human that is holding it.


English, French

Areas of Expertise

Massage & Bodywork, Story as the building block of consciousness, Community & Public Art, Sustainability - changing behavior and attitude, Outdoor Adventure, Video - Directing, Writing, Editing, Cinematography, Producing, Jokester, Positive Attitude, leisure, love and peace and logic

An idea worth spreading

I believe that people should all be successful. That being said, I don't think that everyone should have the same definition of success. Not everyone can do the same thing, because everyone is different and there are needs for different products and services. Similar to the most improved award, improvement should be a constant goal, and to be "better" than the next guy. I like to measure success in "leisure time" and "thank you's", rather than extrinsic rewards for helping people.

I'm passionate about

First and foremost, I am passionate about people and their well-being. I like to lift people up so that they can reach their goals, or realize their goals.

Talk to me about

Organizing groups of people to have a good time, and get off their couch.

People don't know I'm good at

Lying, ummm I mean storytelling.

My TED story

If this is in response to TED's impact on my life, it has been profound in the past few months, since I have come across this collection of great minds. I use TED Talks as an alternative to television and radio, while I work on the computer. Hearing these ideas put forth in such a way has given me the resurrection that I need to get motivated again. After a lack of patience and a poor business partnership I felt down on myself and abilities. I started looking for people to talk to that have had experiences similar to mine to hear about their ascension out of the hole they dug while standing deep inside, at the bottom. TED was able to pick me up, and all of a sudden my YouTube suggestions list was covered with TED Talks, and I continued to watch more and more. If this category is for my hypothetical (or not) idea of what I would speak on at a TED Conference. I think I would discuss ten metaphors of things I learned on the farm and how that translates into a business inundated world.

Comments & conversations

Matt Tyrrell
Posted about 2 years ago
What did you learn about relationships during childhood?
I learned a few things based on love in relationships during my childhood. One is that, even if someone is wronged by a person they love, the love will still stand strong (wish more people learned this). Another is that physical attributions to love in a relationship should typically be shared before and after a duration of not seeing each other, such as before bed, or before leaving. This deriving from the goodnight and goodbye kiss, as well as the welcome home hug and kiss. I also learned to share (three brothers and two sisters).
Matt Tyrrell
Posted about 2 years ago
If it was allowed would an arena with gladiators fighting to the death prove popular in modern times?
Well, weapons are much more sophisticated now, and the "fights to the death" are being done overseas, and there is a huge global budget that is put into not only the creation of these fights to death, but also the marketing of them through the news. Although we don't see the hand to hand combat, of war, we do see similar adrenaline rush fighting through the UFC and other MMA fighting. Overall, the just of what I am thinking about this is that we popularize murder both in war and in crime. Instead of using prisoners in a sanctioned entertainment based battle, we turn the perpetrators into prisoners or heroes, depending on the circumstances of the murder.