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crystal frost
Posted about 2 years ago
Companies, mainly leaders, need to take a bottom-up approach with employees in order to succeed in future
I believe the connection between the 2, hierarchy vs. "wirearchy" is that one depends on the other until a certain point. There is a level of disconnect at one point or another with the individual who is promoted into the hierarchy from the mass majority or entry level. There is also a level of admiration and drive from the entry level toward the hierarchy until a certain point, in which the driving force now becomes the fuel for himself. The small group of elite who hold executive positions, subconsciously, along with added responsibility within their position create this environment of inferiority and believe that their talents have gotten them to their position to make the right choices. At some point you believe that your strengths and those of the fellow colleagues in his/her elite group can come together to make the right choices for the company. If you have a group of like minded people with the same responsibility you are not adding variables to your choice making process. In turn you will mostly have the same views and agree with a lot of the same idea's. Although it is their responsibility to make choices, you must also realize that the level of education and idea spread amongst the younger entry level employees are still at a stage being exercised to their fullest capacity. There will always be the cycle in which one generation is gone, the new will replace. The entry level or "bottom" should be able to openly continue to exercise their creativity amongst the hierarchy. The point is to break the cycle and to create variety in a controlled organization within the company. In no way allowing the bottom to make choices is the answer, but creating a gateway for their ideas to be filtered through and acknowledged is. There is no point to diminish the 2 way street in which ideas are spread. It is known that the best method of creativity drives the force in innovation which in turn is success.