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Thinking about consequences before taking actions.

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Helping people.

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I saw a video (TEDTalk). I liked it. Then I searched about TED and I came to this site. Loved the idea of sharing ideas to make a positive impact on people. The videos were inspiring. The people seemed to be serious about solving problems in this world. So I felt like contributing.

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Fahad Zaki
Posted 7 months ago
Jake Barton: The museum of you
. The 9/11 Memorial Museum is a beautiful dedication for those who were killed in the attack and a priceless gift for their families & our future generations. Thank you Jake Barton and all the people involved in this project.
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Fahad Zaki
Posted 11 months ago
Jackson Katz: Violence against women—it's a men's issue
- I believe that correcting / condemning sexist/racist comments given by peers during conversations and gatherings is a good thing. I do it myself. But I'm not sure if this will reduce the number of cases of domestic violence dramatically. 1- Ads teaching/guiding people how to respond and not react in anger (in different scenarios), will help. 2-a- Identification of potential abuse victims OR people who have lived a traumatic childhood OR Emotionally unstable people. 2-b- Providing education on dealing with anger/trauma, giving them choices/role models, helping them set and achieve a simple goal will help.
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Fahad Zaki
Posted 11 months ago
Shekhar Kapur: We are the stories we tell ourselves
- This, technique, might be helpful in the brain storming and idea generation sessions. But I would not recommend this technique for the actual day of the shoot/day of action. A director is the captain of the ship. Imagine a captain in a 'state of panic'.