Karthikeyan KC

Coimbatore, India

About Karthikeyan


I've been good at one thing since I was a kid. Imagination...! I found an exotic feeling when I started imagining about the mysteries of universe and extraterrestrial life. The 'pale blue dot' photograph by the Voyager, made me more inquisitive. And here I am: A Sci-Fi Writer, Blogger, Futurist and an Aeronautical Engineer.


English, Tamil

Areas of Expertise

Aeronautics and Astronautics, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, UI and UX Design, Social Media Analyst

An idea worth spreading

Imagination... When you explore the deepest nodes with a sci-fi mind, it would possibly change your life with an idea or a concept that could fuel the technological preferment. If you are a school kid, it would make you an omniscient being as you grow with the sci-fi mind.

I'm passionate about

Astronomy, Futurism, Sci-Fi, Documentary Filmmaking

Talk to me about

Science Fiction, Innovation, Spaceships and Cosmos.

People don't know I'm good at

Music... Well... At least the digital composition!

My TED story

My first public talk was on April 6 at TEDx Coimbatore. Its more than a story to share. I'd rather call it an adventure right from the day I was invited. The curator, Ms. Anusha Ravi believed that I could make a change by sharing my idea, which was to encourage science fiction in schools. I believed in me. And the rest, was a magical ride through the days that ended with my talk: "Humans 2.0: Sci-fi in schools". My TEDx story is quite adventurous. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ei3gSQ7oSdg