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Barbara Shevkun is the creative force behind Rawfully Tempting and her Raw Vegan Recipe Blog: www.rawfullytempting.com. In her blog, newsletters, articles, classes, books and videos, Barbara strives to take the fear out of trying something new and bring simplicity to the surface. Barbara has a knack for creating and writing recipes in an easy to follow format, complimented by mouth-watering photos that give her readers confidence to create their own raw delights with ease.

Diagnosed with an "incurable" disease (Interstitial Cystitis) over a decade ago, along with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and weight challenges, Barbara has been on a journey to restore health and vitality. She openly and honestly writes about the everyday hurdles she encounters, along with her celebrated successes, and invites you to join her on this path.

Shevkun's presence is quickly growing in the raw, vegan and healthy eating communities. Check out her most recent appearance on "What Matter's Most." Her creations are amazing and her signature Chocolate Kale Chips were even featured on Oprah.com.

Barbara Shevkun is available for demos, hands- on workshops and private raw food prep coaching. Please see her SERVICES section of this site for more information.

Rawfully Tempting also has an amazing line of nutrient dense, raw, gluten free cuisine that explodes with flavor. These treats are "decadent, delicious and nutritious" Check out the online Cafe here: http://www.rawfullytempting.com/p/store.html.

Go to the Recipe Boutique where you will also find her "Living Cookies" ebook along with some of her spectacular recipes. Barbara is currently working on her book "Raw Pizaa."



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Recipe developer, chef and cookbook author, Educator Coaching

An idea worth spreading

When something someone says or does, hurts us deeply, rather than becoming a victim and chastising the person or wallowing in YOUR reaction to their words...look inward. Explore WHY certain words trigger these feelings in you. Example: If I look you in the eyes and tell you that you have the ugliest blue hair I've ever seen, and all of the reasons why it's so disgusting, you would look at me as if I were crazy. WHY? Because YOU KNOW you do not have blue hair. BUT, when I look at you and tell you anything else...you are fat, ugly, old, stupid, etc...your guts knot up and you feel anger, sadness, or some other emotional trigger. WHY? Because perhaps some part of you learned over the years that this was "true." Some part of you believes these words...hates these words, but buys into them. If the blue hair did not stir you, but some other insult does....is it perhaps because YOU are hearing some part of these words as YOUR truth? Look inside.

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Raw Living Cuisine, music, family, poetry


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LOVE, good food, health, mindful eating

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Everything? (one can always hope).

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Diagnosed with an "incurable" disease (Interstitial Cystitis) over a decade ago, I was determined to not buy into such hopelessness, and immediately began to seek out methods of self healing. The path has been long and winding, however, I celebrate many successes and look forward to continued healing. In the process, I discovered a natural gift and passion. Had I not experienced my illness and years of suffering, I would never have been driven to this amazing place that has enabled me to find JOY in healing, and even more JOY in teaching others how they can heal too.

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