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Canberra, Act, Australia

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I am a law student by night, public servant in the local courts by day and writer and photographer by any of the times inbetween.



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Making everyday life more interesting and creative, both in our actions and our environments. Laws, lawyers and reforming the profession.

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Julia Burns
Posted about 2 years ago
Crowdsourced Government
Maybe you could have a site like Wikipedia - Goverpedia. It has all the issues and is run like Wikipedia - any citizen can edit the document, however it is subject to the will of the masses. If you are the only person editing something into existence and it keeps getting changed back, you would be banned from commenting on that issue for a set period of time. And if you wanted to add something into a policy, you would have to provide some sort of source material to back up your assertion - like Wikipedia, no "original research". If you wanted to really stage-dive into the electorate you could also have Wiki-Laws where all laws are content controlled by mass contribution and governing principles, like the Wikipedia notability and reliable sourcing rules. So any changes to a piece of legislation would need to be in accordance with the Rule of Law, the Presumption of Innocence and so forth.