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Originally from Germany, since 2000 living in Barcelona.
I am very curious, so I am interested in almost everything that makes the world a better place. :-)
My passion: science and technology and how discoveries and inventions change our society. Also a passion of mine: presenting ideas worth spreading.
I am also very much interested in the search for a unique answer of "where do we come from - where are we heading to?". Many religions and many more scientists are trying to respond or to find an answer to this question but until now no consensus has been reached and it looks as - as time goes by - the different opinions are diverging from each other instead of converging...

Trying to make footprints in the sands of time...


English, German, Italian, Spanish

TED Conferences

TEDActive 2013, TEDActive 2011, TED2010

Areas of Expertise

Private equity fund management, Marketing, Mobile Services, Economics, ecommerce, Information Technology, Business Administration

An idea worth spreading

Albert Einstein once said: "If I could talk with God, I'd not be so concerned even with how the universe began. Rather, I'd want to know why He started the universe. For once I knew that, then I'd know the purpose of my own life." Following Einsteins words, I strongly believe that life has a purpose. Each life has a purpose. It is important to find your purpose in life - whatever it might be - and live according to it. You will then sense a meaning in life which will result in a fulfilled live with happiness for you as well as for the people surrounding you.

I'm passionate about

making the world a better place. I am very curious and interested in all kind of sciences.

Talk to me about

science, technology, religion, spirituality

People don't know I'm good at

learning new languages, practicing meditation

My TED story

I always admired the TED-concept and the idea behind it. My biggest dream was always to attend one TED conference. Unfortunately, this was always out of my reach.
When TED announced the TEDx program in 2009, I applied for my first TEDx licence. Since then - together with great and passionate people - we are organizing TEDx-, TEDxLive- and TEDxSalon-events. With the TEDxSalon events we want to create a local TEDx-community in Barcelona. Now, my dream has been over-fulfilled: I did not only attend various TED conferences, I am now even organize events myself!
Now I have another dream: to contribute to a project which is presented at TED. (never stop dreaming :-)

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