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Jim Rough
Posted about 2 years ago
To whom we address the speech? To whom we ask for his ideas? Where is the common sense?
I listened to the talk this morning at 2am driving from the airport to home, needing a way to stay awake. Wow! Did this talk serve the purpose! ... But unlike you, my response was off-the-scale positive! I'm not as close to the situation in Greece as you are and I don't know the history . But I was excited because ... here was a politician acknowledging his limits and recognizing the need for deep systemic change in what we call "democracy." I was excited because he was asking for new answers ... for new ways to bring "we the people" into a position of leadership not only for Greece but for the European Union. That's what we offer! ... At the Center for Wise Democracy ... www.WiseDemocracy.org ... we've been proposing a way to accomplish this for over twenty years. And we've been searching for this kind of leader to imagine and seek out what's really needed to make democracy work.