HollyAnna CougarTracks Pinkham

Planner, Yakama Nation
Tieton, WA, United States

About HollyAnna CougarTracks


A member of the Yakama Nation. Also of Nez Perce, Umatilla & Cree Nations ancestry. Employed by Homeland Security ~ Emergency Management as an Emergency Management Planner. Currently in her twenty-fifth year of employment in the field of Public Safety, has served as Wildland Firefighter, Structural Firefighter, Emergency Medical Technician, Search and Rescue, Police Officer. A four time cancer survivor, advocate for Rural Health care, Sovereign Rights, Indigenous Rights, Social Justice and intellectual Property. She is also a Professional Artist, Musician: Medicine Fiddle, Metis Fiddler, Classical Violin, makes and plays her own Traditional flutes, Indian Language Instuctor, hunts, fishes, beadworker, basket maker and loves roller derby. She was recently named Ambassador to the Aymara Nation.


English, French, German

Areas of Expertise

musician, Artist, Emergency Management, fire fighting, EMS, Search and Rescue Operations, Police

An idea worth spreading

Yay'chunalth = perseverance, Pina'tmakt = altruism, Tmakt'iini = resilience. Treat people better than they treat you. Stay true to yourself, do the right thing especially when others can't or won't. Retain tradition and culture, know who you are, where you come from, define yourself, choose to be who you are. Never forget where you came from, dream, Never give up. Be the better person. Perpetuate the positive. Help someone without expecting anything in return. Smile. Learn something new.

I'm passionate about

Working at living life and striving to be of more than ordinary significance.



Talk to me about

What is on your bucket list? If you knew your were going to die within the next year, what would you do to work at living life.

People don't know I'm good at

speed reading. I looooooooove to read.

My TED story

Disruption Positive. Facing life changing events, disruptions, and choosing to give it meaning, choosing to utilize its energy to make something positive out of it, choosing to use it as a catalyst for something good. Then take what you learned, teach others and cause positive disruption.

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