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Makeze Keze
Posted about 2 years ago
Is Western Europe indifferent to Bulgarian agony?
You're wrong! Capitalism in a society does not care for social issues, but that does not mean "a country" never cares. History is full of examples in which it was social issues that set a nations course. For example Afghanistan: when Clinton started his first term in office, the US was in support of the Taliban as they saw them the most probable to bring enough stability to the country to enable trade and the building of pipelines (thats your economic motivation right there). It was american feminist activists that started to put pressure on Clinton and lobbied strongly against the US American support for the patriarcial Taliban Government. They managed to put enough public pressure (with public I mean American people, who make the nation) that the "Country" changed its stance against its economic interests in favour of what its public thought was morally right. And history is filled with shining examples of enough people caring and deciding for a course of action that might not be the best economical choice. For Petes sake, we are discussing this on a TED forum... if nobody cared, there wouldn't be this website we are writing on right now! That said, mainstream Europe does currently not care a lot for Bulgaria. But that doesn't mean that with the right advocates, it can't change.