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erika s
Posted about 1 year ago
How do you feel about ageism?
I see how there can be a confusion in my statement there. I guess what I was trying to say was that when I am judged by my age, my biggest concern that comes to my mind is if they think whether or not I am capable to hold a corporate office job. Yes, these are solely my opinions and not necessarily facts. However, I walk around these hallways and I see people raising their eyebrows when they look at me and making peculiar facial gestures. Given the amount of time I have spent here, I can see that this is something I go through on a daily basis. Due to these reasons, I believe that they may see someone my age "incapable" of working in an environment including the responsibilities the position hold therefore, I see this as discrimination. Does that make sense? I hope I answered your question. On a random note, only 10-20% of employees that are in ages of 20-25.