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Amaya Amaya
Posted over 2 years ago
The debate about Graham Hancock's talk
Seemingly intelligent people here call plants "drugs" while calling real drugs medicine... how did this happen? Over 200,000 people a year die from Dr prescribed drugs but you wont see that on the nightly news for example. Now we want to censor people? who is pushing that agenda? speakers must speak subjects approved by a... panel? a group? a... who will choose what we should see and what we should not see? where does it end? What was TED for in the first place but to have a chance to hear speakers that normally we would not know anything about... so.... again. Who really can say who speaks and who does not? no one. When that happens TED loses all its magic, its just another Time magazine owned by the Pharmaceutical companies with paid for articles and ruled by deception. Thanks Ted, was nice to know you, good bye.